Did you know that there will be up to 50 questions to answer and decisions to make at the time of your death? We believe that no two people will have the same funeral service options or budget in mind, yet it is impossible for friends and family to know those wishes if they are not written down. By making prearrangements, you can record your vital statistics as well as any wishes you may have to personalize a service that reflects your life, giving you peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out.

It is through our years of experience as funeral directors that we know how much easier it is on families when prearrangements have been made. While pre-planning will not eliminate the sorrows that your family and friends feel at the time of your death, it will help them deal more comfortably and confidently with the process. It removes the burden of decision making from the shoulders of your loved ones at a difficult time in their lives.

Q. Do I have to pre-pay for my arrangements as well?

 No, you do not. However, we have found that most people plan for possible, potential misfortunes of life that seldom actually happen, while many overlook the need to financially prepare for the inevitable.
That is why, in addition to pre-planning, many people choose to pay for their final expenses ahead of time as well. We offer several different pre-payment options, all of which come with these advantages:

  • Eliminates emotional overspending which may occur if the arrangement is made at the time of death.
  • Removes the financial burden from your family.
  • Cost of services and merchandise selected will not increase; you are purchasing at today’s prices with built-in inflation protection.
  • All funds set aside through the funeral home for funeral expenses are tax-free and secured against Title 19/ Medicaid eligibility.
  • All funds are fully transferable should you move or relocate

If you have any additional questions about the pre-planning process or pre-funding options, contact Amanda Buch, our pre-planning specialist at 414-425-9797, or email at When you are ready to get your pre-plans started, call to schedule an appointment.


We need your help.  We are conducting a survey to determine how members of our community plan for one of the hardest things a family has to face – the death of a loved one.

The brief questions that follow are designed to help us know more about what people want and need at this most difficult time.  It would help us greatly if you would answer the questions on this survey and return it to us in the enclosed postage-paid envelope.  Your answers will help us improve our level of service to the community by pinpointing what is most important to you.

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